Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take my carpet to dry?

For steam cleaning, normal drying time for moderately soiled carpet is approximately 8 to 24 hours, maybe longer if you have low air movement and high humidity. If weather is humid outside or raining, do not open windows.   You need air flow for drying. Turn on your furnace fan to ON position and turn down Humidifier.  Use Air Conditioner in the summer.

What is the difference between steam and dry cleaning, and which is better?

Steam cleaning is a deeper, more penetrating cleaning method. It works particularly effectively on heavily soiled carpet. It uses detergent and water, so it is non-toxic and biodegradable – and completely safe for humans as well as pets.

Our dry cleaning method uses a low moisture encapsulation technology, with exceptional cleaning performance. We recommend it for maintenance on lightly soiled areas. One advantage is that it dries in about an hour. 

Most of today’s carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning, reserving dry cleaning for certain natural fibers such as wool or cotton.

Will the cleaning remove all stains?

The cleaning methods we use will get the carpet clean, we guarantee it! Unfortunately, there are some substances that will permanently discolor carpet fibers, such as bleach, hair coloring, fingernail polish, paint, and some food coloring agents.

Some stains are permanent and we can’t guarantee to remove all stains.  Some stain removers over the counter will have brightners in it and can damage or remove dyes when we extract the stain and the stain removers.  We don’t recommend using these products. 

Do the padding or hardwood floors under the carpet get wet?

Only carpets that do not have padding risk penetration to the floor. Steam cleaning penetrates to the carpet backing but is perfectly safe for the hardwood floor underneath.

My carpet looked great after they cleaned it. A couple days later the spots came back, what happened?

Wicking: just like a kerosene lamp works, something gets spilled and goes through the backing into the pad. During the cleaning process the substance is removed from the carpet fibers but remains in the padding. This substance can “wick” its way back up through the backing into the carpet. Usually, a repeat spot cleaning (which we do at no additional charge if we are notified within a week) will take care of the problem. On rare occasions that particular area of padding will need to be replaced.

What is and is not included with my cleaning as estimated?

The estimate we quote over the phone is an accurate price based on the information our office staff is given. Taxes are charged and a waste and/or fuel fee may apply. We do not charge any “hidden” costs such as travel charges, pre-treating or furniture moving.

Additional products and services are not included in the basic cleaning, but are available at an additional charge, and your cleaning technician will be happy to provide that pricing. These include stain protectors, pet odor removal, water damage treatments, or additional areas or furniture you want cleaned. Sales tax is charged based on the applicable local law.

Is it extra for spot cleaning?

No, we do pre-cleaning at no charge which helps to dissolve heavily soiled areas prior to steam cleaning so they extract better.

Can you guarantee to get out all stains?

Unfortunately, no one can make that promise. Our technicians can look at your stained carpet and give you their professional opinion. Because of their expertise most normal soiling usually comes clean, but some stains may not release depending on type or source. Some examples:

  • Kool-Aid or juice, due to dyes they may contain
  • Water stains, usually permanent
  • Bleach, permanent
  • Sometimes coffee and soda
  • Anything adhesive such as gum
  • Varnish, usually permanent
  • Grease or oil, non-water soluble

Note: If the stains consist of Kool-Aid, adhesive or grease/oil, alternative methods may be tried such as heat transfers or different solvents, but there is an extra charge quoted by the tech at the time of service. Pricing depends on the type of stains, size of area, and what needs to be done. However, there are still no guarantees on these types of stains.

I have four areas but they equal less than 500 square feet. Can you count that as two areas?

We charge by the area, not by the square foot. Any one area that exceeds 250 square feet counts as two areas. Halls, baths, and walk-in closets are each considered one area. They are high-traffic areas and are usually more soiled.

Do you honor competitor coupons?

No. We include a lot of service that most of our competitors don’t offer. We do a quality job with skilled employees, including pre-cleaning at no extra charge. But we frequently have special offers on our carpet cleaning and encourage you to take advantage of those savings opportunities.

Will there be a charge for waste removal?

To protect the environment, we follow strict guidelines mandated for waste water disposal. Disposal is costly, and in some cases a small surcharge is passed on to customers.

Will they charge me more once they get to my home?

Based on the service you have requested, you have been given an accurate estimate. The technicians may offer you additional services such as protector, pet odor control, etc., which you are under no obligation to accept. (Tax is additional)

What do you consider an area or room?

An area/room is any single purpose area/room up to 250 sq ft. Combination rooms and great rooms count as 2 areas. Hallways, walk-in closets, and dressing rooms each count as a separate room. Stairways are $2.00 per step.